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2019 Goal Setting

Happy 2019! It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone. I am definitely one of those people that likes to use the beginning of something to assess where I think I’m at both personally and professionally and take the opportunity to set my intentions and goals. Do I think you need to wait for the beginning of a year to do this? Absolutely not! The beginning of a school year, a break, a month, a week, a day, etc. are all fresh opportunities to sit down and make a plan, but the beginning of a new year is my favorite time to sit down and set my big intentions for the year in different categories of my life. I know I’m a more productive person when I have actively sat down to identify areas in which I want to grow.

Goal Categories

The four overarching categories I am using in 2019 to set my goals are personal, work, fitness, and home. The personal category will include goals surrounding anything from personal development to reading to social medial and my blog. Work obviously includes anything I’d like to accomplish within my career as a high school English teacher. Fitness, according to my Level 10 Life reflection, is my lowest category overall, so I decided to dedicate an entire spot to it in my bullet journal this year. I’d like to build and focus on strength and feeling my best because I’ve seriously neglected this aspect of my life since college. Finally, home will incorporate aspects of my life related to my environment.

Personal Goals

Obviously most of my goals are going to fall under the personal goal category. I’m constantly working to improve my personal life, and this includes so many aspects of what make me happy. The first aspect of my personal goals includes self-care. I’d like to spend more time taking care of myself this year by doing the following:

  • Taking more bubble baths
  • Using more face masks
  • Getting more facials
  • Putting on more moisturizer (body and face)
  • Doing my nails on a regular basis
  • Getting monthly massages
  • Scheduling days to do nothing
  • Meditating more
  • Being more intentional about going to sleep
  • Completing a morning routine and night routine on a regular basis
  • Reading at least 1 self-help book every two months
  • Taking a creative class (like stamping)
  • Setting monthly goals
  • Writing in my bullet journal daily
  • Completing seasonal bucket lists
  • Completing a Colorado bucket list

The next aspect of my personal goals involves the intentions I have around my reading life this year:

  • Reading 100 books over the course of 2019
  • Limiting the amount of books I purchase (read 10 before I buy 1)
  • Utilizing the library more often
  • Finishing some unfinished series that are now complete
  • Reading more romance novels
  • Reading more psychological thrillers
  • Reading more non-fiction & memoirs

In addition to reading goals, I’d also like to focus on being intentional around social media & blogging:

  • Posting to Instagram at least 5 times per week
  • Posting to the blog at least 1 time per week
  • Being more intentional about the photos I’m taking
  • Spending more time developing graphics
  • Filming for my YouTube channel again
  • Taking at least one 24-hour social media/Internet fast per month

And finally, I’d also like to focus on being more intentional with my spending and getting a better handle on my finances this year:

  • Tracking my spending
  • Building a monthly budget
  • Completing Dave Ramsey’s baby steps
    • Putting $1,000 into a savings account
    • Paying down debt using the debt snowball method

Work Goals

I’m currently in my 8th year of teaching high school English, and I must admit that I’m heading in the direction of burn out. I’m constantly working and spending time grading, and I cannot sustain the pace at which I’ve been going (about 80 hours a week during the school year since I started). I need to remedy this through my goals this year:

  • Converting more assignments to Google Docs
  • Building a solid LMS on Canvas
  • Creating new, fresh unit plans & curriculum
  • Developing better systems around giving feedback and grading
  • Trying at least one new-to-me teaching strategy in my classroom each month and refining it
  • Setting up a TeachersPayTeachers account & sharing resources
  • Participating in more meaningful professional development (Twitter chats)
  • Writing more for educational blogs
  • Reading at least one professional book per quarter
  • Developing better & simplifying management systems
  • Learning to say no
  • Being less available for non-emergency situations

Fitness Goals

It’s embarrassing how out of shape I have gotten over the last ten years since graduating from college. I’ve put on weight because of hypothyroidism and neglecting to eat well or make time to work out and nourish my body. I’d like to prioritize that and work on building strength this year:

  • Completing a Couch to 5k walking program
  • Completing a 5k running program
  • Participating in 30-day challenges
    • Yoga
    • Squats
    • Abs
    • Burpees
    • Push-ups
  • Swimming laps at least twice a month
  • Doing more Zumba!
  • Completing the Tone It Up Daily Moves & Studio workouts at least 3x per week
  • Completing a Tone It Up Challenge
  • Participating in the Hot Chocolate run in the Fall

Home Goals

Finally, I have a few projects I’d like to complete in my apartment and some things I’d like to work on with my environment:

  • Decorating my bedside tables
  • Hanging blackout curtains in my bedroom
  • Stringing lights on my patio ceiling
  • Planting flowers on the patio in the summer
  • Replacing pillowcases seasonally/changing up my bedding
  • Replacing worn out or cheap kitchen items
  • Completing a complete KonMari refresh to declutter and make sure everything has its place

What are your intentions in 2019? Do you like to designate specific categories and set SMART goals or do you like to keep it more broad?

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