How to Prepare Kids for the AP Lit Test

Let's start this blog off by first saying that I am no expert at teaching AP Literature and Composition. In fact, last year was my first time EVER teaching AP Lit. It was an absolute blast, and I hope I can teach the course for years to come. That said, my scores were pretty decent for a first year AP teacher, I think (okay, I'm going to go ahead and say they were even really good). I beat the national passing average by 25% and had the highest AP Lit scores my school has had in years. I worked my you-know-what off and nearly died in the process, but it seems to have paid off.


First Day of School

Oh, hey. It's been a looooooong time, hasn't it? I told you I'm never good at keeping up with blogs, but this year I'm determined (and also sort of, kind of required to but not exactly). I also really want to. After six years in the classroom, I finally feel like a good teacher, and I feel … Continue reading First Day of School